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Holidays Lounge offers a premier vacation ownership opportunity to its members. Timeshare was initially created to divide usage of a condo amongst multiple owners with the intervals rotating each year between owners. Over time, more benefits were added, exchange opportunities were created and it became and is still a multi-billion dollar industry. Today, however, the most popular vacation style is through a vacation club or vacation membership, as the flexibility is truly incredible.

Holidays Lounge, a vacation club, for example, offers its members multiple resort destinations and access to inventory all over the world in luxury resorts. The difference is, you are not tied to a specific resort, paying a fee for a now aged property, or stuck going back somewhere you may have lost interest in visiting. You have complete flexibility, you are in the driver’s seat and the world is at your fingertips!

Holidays Lounge members have access to one of the easiest and fastest booking engines via the online member website. Through this page, members can reserve cruise vacations, book resort stays worldwide, hotel reservations and more. In today’s fast-paced world and having access to everything online, booking quickly and easily is paramount to creating a successful vacation ownership product.

The team at Holidays Lounge provides members access to partnerships created through Holidays Network group with several major sports franchises, entertainment companies, and venues. These partnerships help provide amazing destination experiences and value for members. Members looking to sail the seas can also take advantage of amazing cruise vacations as Holidays Lounge is Powered by Carnival Cruise Lines, one of the worlds most popular cruise lines.

Choosing to become a member of Holidays Lounge provides families and couples access to amazing vacation savings, but the driving factor of why so many are choosing this is the guaranteed vacation concept. By becoming a member you are virtually guaranteeing your family will take vacations!

The American and Canadian lifestyles differ very much from European customs, in that we do not prioritize vacations, we consider them a luxury and they are only taken after other tasks are accomplished. Health and wellness are important, and family time is what life is about! Holidays Lounge members have the ability to assure they will take vacations and have the luxury and quality they want when they travel!.

Holidays Lounge


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