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Holidays Loung Shares Top Packing Tips for your next Winter vacation

Holidays Lounge, a leading provider of top-tier vacation accommodations, provides travelers with the vacations of their dreams.

Visitors from all around the world flock to experience the ultimate in luxury with outstanding accommodations, dream-like amenities, and even the utmost in customer service. This summer, our customer service staff has continued to go the extra mile, providing travelers with some of the best tips and tricks in order to enjoy travel more. Here are some of our favorite tips for your summer 2019 vacation.

Holidays Lounge Top Packing Tips for 2019 Winter Travel 3

1.For a cleaner suitcase, Try wrapping your shoes in a shower cap to avoid any black marks on your favorite outfit. Also, adding a dryer sheet can make all your clothes smell amazing, and also prevents static cling and wrinkles.

2. Avoiding tangles is easy. Store your loose cables/charges in an old sunglasses case to avoid having to dig around for loose cords, and also to avoid them becoming tangled. For extra attention on avoiding the tangles, wrap each piece with a rubber band. To avoid losing jewelry, consider threading necklaces in straws.

3. For products that don’t meet the TSA requirements, many consider using travel size containers to bring along the products they want to use. But to save additional money, purchasing these even necessary. Again, a straw is a great way to store a one-time use shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. to avoid messy spills.

Holidays Lounge Top Packing Tips for 2019 Winter Travel 2

Holidays Lounge knows these tips will help any traveler be more prepared and enjoy their vacation more. For more information about planning a vacation or to learn more about our resorts. We have the best locations in the destinations that are bucket list locations.

Life is short travel is a must with Holidays Lounge we make your vacations hassle free and give you the best of times. Never worry any longer about what you will stay in. Our one on one concierge service has all other beats. Stay in the best place for the least amount of money.

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