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Holidays Lounge members say that millions of people flock to Glacier National Park each year to hike and view incredible scenery. Glacier National Park is beside to Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.

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Visitors often visit both the parks to enjoy towering mountain peaks, glaciers, and its diverse wildlife. When tourist starts off to Glacier National Park, they can stop at its visitor center to collect all the relevant information. They can drive through or ride the shuttle service that passes stopping at specific points and trails.

Holidays Lounge members recommend tourists enjoy a boat tour of the Glacier National Park or go on a hiking adventure to explore mountain meadows full of wildflowers.

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There are many summer recreational activities for you to enjoy in Glacier National Park. Snowshoeing or Cross-Country Skiing on Glacier trail is most enjoyable in the winter as the snow doesn’t stop the fun in the park. As hundreds of miles of trail offer pristine places to explore even under a lot of snow.

Special tip: When hiking in areas where there might be bears were little bells or sing and make noise. This will cause them to avoid you. You don’t want to be silent and come face to face with a Grizzly bear.

The views like the Alpine meadows and forests host diverse wildlife such as wolves and Mountain Lions. Tourists should always carry their binoculars so that they can catch sight of the exotic and unique wildlife of Glacier National Park. The adventure seekers hike down its hidden trail and run across Marmots sunning themselves on the rocks.

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