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Holiday’s Lounge Reviews many sites throughout the world, but a perennial favorite for international travelers is Miami, Florida. With more than 400,000 inhabitants this is a city that sets trends in style and fashion not just throughout the US, but throughout the world. The well-known Ocean Drive with its many colorful buildings, neon signs, the skyscrapers of Downtown, and the pristine beaches all combine to make Miami what it is – a destination of the superlative.

South Beach is one of the major hotspots in Miami. As Holiday’s Lounge reviews, everything that the international traveler is looking for can be found here. In South Beach, you will find luxury designer shops, beautiful beaches, and exclusive nightclubs that are frequented by the rich and famous. The Art Deco district is very near to South Beach, very trendy, and known for its distinct architecture. Here is an excellent place for a leisurely stroll with plenty of photo opportunities.

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Probably the easiest way to see Miami as a tourist is by taking the trolley that runs from Miami Beach to the Art Deco quarter and back. According to Holiday’s Lounge reviews, the iconic trolley-rail bus will guide you through virtually every area of the city worth seeing. There are two big pluses to taking the trolley. First, it is entirely free, and second, it gives your legs a break, so you have the opportunity to make more memories and take more vacation photos. The timetables and stations of the trolley can be found on the city’s official website so you can plan the route of your trip.

Holiday’s Lounge reviews another of Florida’s major attractions which is the Everglades National Park

This is the largest subtropical wilderness area in the United States, making it the perfect spot to enjoy viewing the wildlife and flora of the local area. The park is famous for seeing everything from crocodiles to rare bird species. The lucky visitor can also get glimpses of giant turtles, the shy Florida panther, and other unique species such as the manatees in their natural habitat. Special tours are available to help inform and educate the public about this extraordinary ecosystem and its inhabitants.

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According to Holiday’s Lounge reviews, one of the most ignored attractions in Miami is the ample opportunity to visit many first-class museums! The most beautiful among them is probably the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a traditional American villa with surrounding gardens, which brings you closer to the region’s past and at the same time invites you for a relaxing walk through lush greenery. On the other hand, museums such as the Wolfsonian-FIU are more typical for museums, dedicated to the influence of art and design on people and their lives, the MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami) or the Museum of Science, that also includes a planetarium.

If you are not afraid of lofty heights, you should not miss the unique landscape around Miami and the Florida Keys from above. By helicopter with up to three other passengers or in a small biplane with an open cockpit and a friend, you can share this unique experience and get a perspective of the city that few people ever see. However, for visitors looking for a little more excitement, Holiday’s Lounge reviews skydiving providers such as Skydive Miami. These companies offer the first-timers an opportunity to jump in tandem with an experienced guide, or the more experienced jumpers can go alone or even in a group in the formation Skydiving from 2,400 to 4,100 meters in height.

So for all these reasons and many more, Holiday’s Lounge reviews Miami and finds it to be an incredible vacation destination. Miami offers its visitors world-class activities and attractions, and millions of people visit this city every year. Check out our video channel.