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Holidays Lounge recommends one of the most popular attractions for locals and visitors alike, the Art Walk.

Mazatlan, Mexico – Mazatlan is an exceptional and unique Mexican destination. Offering sun and fun and beautiful scenery, there is no shortage of activities and tours to keep visitors entertained. Mazatlan is also a very culturally rich city and offers something that most of the other Mexican tourist hot spots do not provide.

Holidays Lounge Recommends the Mazatlan Art Walk 1

Holidays Lounge owners rate the historic district of Mazatlan as being a must-see for new or returning visitors. Mazatlan’s Centro Historico is a very special place, with old buildings and winding cobblestone streets that make it truly magical. Art galleries and fine and casual dining spots line the streets of the historic center. Small plazas and courtyards make this one of the most scenic areas of the city.

Every Friday afternoon and evening from November to May, the art walk is free for visitors to enjoy. Locals and visitors alike will stroll along the streets and enter the many galleries to chat with the artists, enjoy refreshments and have a wonderful evening. The Historic District is the heart of Mazatlan, and several local artists and other international artists who now call Mazatlan their home will show off their beautiful creations.

Balloons mark each stop on tour, since there is no guide, and visitors stroll at their leisure from gallery to gallery until they feel like stopping for a bite to eat or to enjoy a cocktail in one of the many favorite hot spots.

Holidays Lounge Recommends the Mazatlan Art Walk 1
Holidays Lounge always works on keeping members and guests informed on the most exciting activities in Mazatlan so they can plan and enjoy a vacation of their dreams.

Mazatlan is known for having a very diverse population, which makes attending events such as the art walk such a fun experience.

Visitors can see everything from photo art showcasing favorite places in Mazatlan and parts of Mexico to paintings and sculptures from the region and surrounding areas.

Holidays Lounge also notes that one of the most popular portions of the art walk is that the artists are on site, allowing each artist to introduce their work to visitors of the gallery. Guests can learn about the artists, as well as their collections, and it makes for a fun and exciting evening.

There are over 20 galleries in the Centro Historico who participate in the art walk, which provides a variety of different styles and collections.

Holidays Lounge knows that what makes a vacation special is the experience that travelers have while on holiday. So even if it is taking a stroll through the charming historic district or purchasing a piece of art to bring back home, the art walk should not be missed on an upcoming visit to Mazatlan.

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