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Holidays Lounge Highlights members favorite locations so they can share this insight with fellow members and travel say that the Dominican Republic is a glowing jewel at the heart of the Caribbean and this is the reason it is an ultimate vacation destination.

Holidays Lounge Highlights Must Visit Places Dominican Republic (2)

A single visit to this beautiful land equals a trip to a tropical paradise, one that you and your family can never even dream of. So whether you family longs for an escape to nature or are interested in enjoying a spirited excursion to the big city the Dominican destinations stand out to be perfect tourist jaunts filled with one of a kind of attraction, Sports treks through it beautiful mountains and waterways or days filled with luxurious resort experience.

Holidays Lounge Highlights Must Visit Places Dominican Republic (3)

Our members know that the Dominican holiday destinations are the perfect place to escape from worries and stresses as it is quite easy to lose yourself in its miles of pure bronzed coastline, multiple beaches, golden sands and sparkling azure waters that lure your heart away.

Holidays Lounge Highlights members that say that while holidaying in Dominican holiday destinations you should watch out for its special events and enjoy it as the locals as this is the real way to get up close and personal with the tradition and culture of your Dominican destination.

Special events such as the Dominican Carnival and visiting its legendary Sundial, a national and world-renowned landmark are the exciting fun-filled way to enjoy your holiday there.

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