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Holidays Lounge members have tips for people who are planning and packing for their vacation. They remind you to not overlook the critical ingredient of enjoying a perfect vacation is taking the necessary precautions to make sure that they get to enjoy a safe and healthy trip.

Holidays Lounge want all members to have the best of times on their vacation

We understand how important vacationing is and want it to be perfect. Your experience is what we strive to improve continuously.

Holidays Lounge says the smarter you are, the easier it will be for you to adapt to the effects of Jet lag. And if they plan and take care of their health even the most out of shape person will be able to overcome the misery of the jet lag.

Before starting off on your vacation, you should try to go to bed a little later or a little earlier,  depending on what time your flight is. Also, hydrate yourself and eat light on the day you plan to travel.

The health problems associated with Jet lag reduced significantly when such measures are taken.

Holidays Lounge Helps Combat Common Travel Hassles 1

Holidays Lounge members say that most common ailments that travelers suffer from are motion sickness. This problem can be easily resolved by taking over the counter medications.

#1 Sitting in the front seat of your car and avoid reading when you travel by car as it helps to combat motion sickness.
#2 While traveling by ship you should try sitting in the middle of the section and look ahead at the horizon. The good thing is that nowadays most high tech cruise ships, are built with stabilizers for smooth sailing so most passengers do not experience motion sickness at all.
#3 When flying you should try to sit near the wing and use earplugs if necessary to reduce the pressure that one feels at the time the plane takes off and lands.
#4 DVT Deep Vien Thrombosis is when you sit in one spot for too long and a blood clot occurs. Check with your doctor before taking a long trip.  Your doctor may recommend taking baby aspirin, take little walks and do leg rotations every hour you’re on a plane.

Holidays Lounge members say that if you are charting unknown destinations, you should take extra precautions. Travelers should always have a plan for the unexpected and include sturdy shoes, warm clothing, high-energy food, and drinks on any of their travels. The most important thing is to learn to recognize medical emergencies and respond to them quickly and in the right manner.

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